28th October, 2016 was published the 408E Resolution for R&D projects of the Departamento de Desarrollo Económico of the Navarra Government, in which Anteral has been granted with two new projects. These projects are RAFF and YEDIS.

RAFF (Radar For Flight): Anteral will develop an altimeter radar at millimeter-Wave frequencies in order to integrate it into an UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), with the respective validation in real flight conditions. Furthermore, in RAFF project will be included the development of an array radar prototype for the frontal obstacles detection during flight “sense & avoid” and for imaging applications. RAFF is a collaborative project in consortium with FuVex and Universidad Pública de Navarra.

YEDIS (Yeast Detection by Infrared Spectroscopy): The project will focus on the identification of yeasts from invasive fungal infections. These infections are ones of the most serious hospital infections, with a very high mortality in the severe cases. YEDIS will aim to shorten diagnosis time. For that, it will be used techniques based on infrared spectroscopy, that allows to detect different molecular bonds of any organic or inorganic compound. YEDIS is a collaborative project in consortium with Universidad Pública de Navarra and Fundación Miguel Servet (Navarrabiomed).

Anteral will be the coordinator of both projects. It is expected that the results obtained from both projects will allow Anteral continue to grow.

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