THz Source

Anteral THz Source

THz Source

  • Operational frequency of 300 GHz
  • Typical RF output power of 2.5 mW
  • Custom antenna or WR-2.8 standard flange
  • Easy plug & play


Anteral’s THz Source offers high RF output power at 300 GHz. Anteral´s source is optimized to work at 300 GHz but could reach 400 GHz with and output RF power decrement, request more information if interested.


The THz Source can be used perfectly in THz systems for imaging applications. Anteral’s Source is suitable for becoming the transmitter part of THz cameras for material research or imaging among others.

THz Source Performance

The THz Source performance at 300 GHz has been tested making use of a Spectrum Analyzer and a Power Meter.

The power test showed an output value higher than 2.5 mW at 300 GHz.

The frequency test depicted a clear signal peak at 300 GHz and no noise interference.

Additional Notes

The THz source is provided inside a 3D printed box which allows a perfect air circulation thanks to its ceiling fans. Moreover, the 3D printed design allows customized fasteners.

The performance of all sources is checked before delivery.

Extended performance datasheet is available if customer requires. Ask for more information.

Further information available in the datasheets.

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