THz Polarizers

Anteral Field Polarizers

Wire Grid Polarizers

  • Very low transmission loss (< 0.5 dB)
  • High parallel isolation (> 45 dB)
  • Rotating frame with angular scale
  • Ultra-low loss flexible and low dielectric constant substrate material
  • From DC up to 1 THz


Anteral offers low priced polarizers that operate at MmW and THz frequencies with low transmission loss and high parallel isolation. Three different models are in stock: a MmW General Purpose, a THz General Purpose and a High Performance Polarizer. All of them are provided in regular diameters of 50 mm and 25 mm and mounted in rotating frames with angular scale. They are also implemented in different sizes (up to 70 mm) and geometries (square and circular) according to customer requirements. Ad-hoc frame possibility for special purposes is also offered.

Anteral Polarizers consist of a simple pattern Cr-Cu-Au micro grid strip-array. This micro grid array is patterned following a photolithograpy process on a very thin (100 µm, other thicknesses available), ultra-low loss and flexible substrate for THz frequencies with low dielectric constant. The electric field is transmitted when polarized perpendicularly and reflected when polarized parallel to the grid array.


These polarizers can be used in MmW and THz systems in order to enhance the polarization sensitivity, beam splitting and generation of circular polarization. Circular polarization is generated employing a linear polarization with a 45 degree angle with respect to the polarizer grid array, by means of selecting the appropriate dielectric thickness and backing the polarizer with a metal plate. Several thicknesses of the dielectric material can be selected for creating circular polarizations between 50 GHz and 1 THz.

Model Type Gap Width [µm] Strip Width [µm] Strip Thickness [µm] Transmission Loss* [dB] Parallel Isolation* [dB] Frequency Band [GHz]
FPOL-MMW-35 General Purpose MmW 50 100 2 < 0.5 35 0 - 250
FPOL-THZ-35 General Purpose THz 10 25 2 < 1 35 250 - 750
FPOL-THZ-45 High Performance 10 25 2 < 1 45 0 - 1000

* Measured in the center of the band. Further information available in the datasheets.

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