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We are experts at developing products and measurment systems in the terahertz frequency range, including field polarizers for milimeter and THz waves. Our THz measurment systems (custom-designed to meet each client's needs) are made to be able to image and characterize materials in real time.

Humidity sensor:

Thanks to THz systems it is possible to evaluate the water content on different materials such as plants, paper, wood, etc.

Visible, transmited and reflected image of a leaf at THz frequencies

Strange body detector in production lines: 

Anteral has carried out different studies analysing the detection of glass, wood, plastic, metal, etc. in food. These kind of objects have been inserted for example in cookies and spanish "chorizo" obtaining really promissing results. Some of the most common strange bodies that can be found in production lines are:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Glass

THz image of a cookie with a piece of metal and a defect on the chocolate cream inside it


Other material characterization at THz frequency range such as density, ignition loss, etc. 

With really promising results up to date and some operational prototypes, Anteral is also acquiring some knowleadge thanks to its participation in some National and International projects.



Anteral offers custom designed measurement systems mainly for two applications: Imaging and Material performance characterization. Nowadays, Anteral counts with an Imaging system focused on strange body detection as well as with THz systems designed to measure characteristics such as humidity, density, etc. Anteral is into the developing of THz systems capable of measuring material properties and work as imaging systems. THz imaging systems can be employed as humidity sensors since water is really absorbant at THz frequencies and can be perfectly detected and, depending on the material under test, quantified. But not only water content can be characterized, density of a specific material, ignition loss parameter and some others can also be studied. Morover, THz systems are also really useful in food production lines in which strange bodies, such as glass, plastic, etc. want to be detected.

The Anteral´s video “Moisture Characterization on Cardboard” presents the drying process of a piece of cardboard. The video shows two pieces of cardboard with the same level of moisture. During several hours the S21 Magnitude of one of the pieces has continuously been measured at the same time the real moisture level of the other one was calculated by means of weight difference. The chart depicts the S21 parameter together with the moisture level of the two pieces of cardboard respectively. It is possible to value the tight relation between both of them. For this reason, it is conceivable to conclude the feasibility to detect the moisture level of cardboard and similar products by means of Terahertz waves.

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