Spline profile horns

Anteral Spline Profile Horns

Main features:

  • Light design.
  • Best solution for horn antenna arrays.
  • X, Ku y Ka (Other bands also available).
  • High aperture efficiency.
  • Optimized radiation parameters.

As an alternative to corrugated horns, Anteral also designs smooth-walled feedhorns using spline profiles. Designing these types of profiles carefully, a similar performance to that of corrugated horns can be achieved, although over narrower bandwidths.

Spline profiled feed horns have the following advantages:

-Higher aperture efficiency than corrugated feed horns (useful for compact feed horn arrays).
-Easier fabrication process.
-Up to 30% shorter designs when compared to conventional spline profile feed horns (achieved with Anteral proprietary design techniques).

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