Yeast Detection by Infrared Spectroscopy (YEDIS)

September, 2016 to December, 2017
Ayudas a proyectos de I+D Gobierno de Navarra

The YEDIS project is focused on the research and development (R&D) of a novelty microorganism detection and classification technique based on Infrared spectroscopy. In particular, it will insist on the identification of yeast coming from invasive fungal infections (IFIs), since they are one of the most serious hospital infections due to its high mortality rate (50 to 85 % in the most severe cases).

Conventional IFI diagnosis methods have low sensitivity and specificity, and the results are obtained after several days. This delay in the diagnosis is matched with a higher mortality rate. YEDIS project will study a new technique with an identification sensitivity comparable or higher to the currently employed at the medical centres, but with a faster and easier diagnosis.

To do so, YEDIS project will turn to infrared spectroscopy techniques which allow different molecular bonds detection either organic or inorganic. By means of real strains measurements an infrared microorganism spectral footprint library will be created. Due to the fact that each footprint is unique, this new technique would have a sufficient sensitivity in order to distinguish between species and it will have also a sufficiently high specificity that covers most of the fungi species isolated at a hospital.

The consortium of this project is formed by Anteral, The Public University of Navarra and NAVARRABIOMED - Fundación Miguel Servet.

This company has received 50% funding by the European Fund of Regional Development through the FEDER 2014-2020 operational program in Navarra.

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