Material Characterization

Anteral Material Characterization

Anteral counts with a fully high performance equipped laboratory which offers the possibility to characterized materials at the THz frequency range with a large dynamic range. Within Anteral´s available equipment an Agilent PNA with extensions up to 500GHz and a Terahertz Spectrometer TPS Spectra 3000 can be found. Anteral has the capability to characterize complex materials from 75Ghz up to 4THz.

  • From 75 Ghz to 4 THz
  • Reflection
  • Transmission
  • Dielectric Constant
  • Absorbance


Anteral offers therefore different alternatives in the material characterization field covering a large operation bandwidth. This equipment can be employed for several applications such as the ones mention below:

  • Sample and material characterization 
  • Composite characterization
    • Pharmacological 
    • Explosives
  • Microorganism detection
    • Bacteria                            
  • Non-destructive inspection 

                PETN Spectroscopy image


Network Analyser attached to VNA extenders

Anteral laboratory equipment is also formed by a PNAx Network Analyser up to 26.5 GHz working together with four sets of VNA external modules which cover the frequencies from 75 GHz to 500 GHz. This equipment gives the possibility to characterize materials measuring its transmision and reflection parameters offering a large bandwidth of operation. 

PNAx Head extenders setup

TeraView TPS Spectra 3000 main characteristics

This equipment is a floor-standing terahertz transmission spectrometer that contains an integral PC and monitor which utilizes TeraView software. This system contains also a user accessible base unit containing the PC, laser power supply and closed-cycle water chiller. An enclosed optical system and an enclosed electronic system based on a 16-bit digital signal processor and integrated processor, are also part of the system. The TPS Spectra does not need any adjustment by the user and the covers it has, prevent access to the optical system which ensures the reliable operation of the system.The software that is implemented provides information about the instrument set-up, number of scans, start delay, resolution and scan frequency. 

Spectral data are acquired with TeraView´s TPS spectra 3000 in a single beam instrument configuration. Therefore, to acquire an absorption spectrum it is necessary to have a reference pulse which is first acquired. The terahertz waveform signals possess negatives values since the terahertz electric field is measured as in traditional far-infrared spectroscopy. Applying a fast Fourier transform (FFT) to this terahertz electric field waveform produces a frequency response.

Teraview´s TPS Spectra 3000

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