Anteral in Space

Anteral specializes in the design and fabrication of high performance feed chain for on-board satellite systems. These horn antennas are used for all types of satellite reflector systems.

We develop and design innovative horn antennas to obtain the best solutions for each frequency band (from X band up to Ka-band) and system.

The most used feed horn antenna types are:

  • Circular smooth-walled spline horns.
  • Axially and radially corrugated horns.
  • Corrugated horns with axial corrugations.
  • Corrugated horns with radial corrugations.
  • Smooth-walled spline horns with axial corrugations.

Presented in the right panel are the most important space projects Anteral has been a part of.


Hispasat Amazonas 5 satellite

Amazonas 3 (2011)

  • 3 Spline profile horns (Ka-Band)

Measat 3B (2012)

  • 1 Axially and radial corrugated horn (X-Band)

SES-10 (2014)

  • 1 Axially and radial corrugated horn (Ku-Band)

SES-12 (2015)

  • Axially and radial corrugated horn (Ku-Band)

Hispasat 1F (2014)

  • 2 Spline profile horn with axial corrugations (Ka-Band)

Amazonas 5 (2015)

  • 1 Axially and radial corrugated horn (Ku-Band)
  • 5 Spline profile horns (Ka-Band )
  • 1 Septum-polarizer (Ka-Band)
  • More than 20 components manufactured

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