About Us

ANTERAL is an innovative SME born in 2010 as a spin-off of the Antenna Group of the Public University of Navarre. The company works in the fields of space, telecommunications and science, providing Universities and industrial enterprises with innovative solutions. The ANTERAL technical staff is made up of engineers and doctors specializing in telecommunications, computer science and electronics, to create a strong and interdisciplinary team which is capable of taking on the most demanding of challenges that our clients and collaborators propose.

ANTERAL is present in two different areas:

  • Antennas: We are experts in the design and development of high performance antennas, from low frequencies up to THz frequencies. Our capabilities in the design of antennas are: standard gain horns, reflector antennas, CATR feeds, antenna arrays, corrugated horns, spline-profiled horns, near field probes and planar antennas. We also offer custom solutions for the most demanding of environments. Our antennas are operational onboard several satellites, as well as in anechoic chambers, communications systems, R&D laboratories, radiometers and radio-telescopes. Likewise, we make our antenna design and measurement know-how available to our clients via RF consulting services, to be able to solve the issues they bring to us.
  • Radar & Sensing: The fruit of R&D projects that the company has participated in, we have developed a 24GHz radar system with multiple applications in fields as diverse as drones, industry, health and education. ANTERAL has a proprietary solution that can be customized and integrated in these fields and many more. Additionally, ANTERAL takes advantage of millimeter and terahertz waves to offer the development of custom production line monitoring systems for the qualitative and quantitative control of several parameters, like humidity content in complex substances or thickness measurements of multiple layers of paint.

Mission & Vision

We are committed to bringing the latest advancements in antennas and radar & sensing technologies to the industry, companies and clients, in order for them to obtain competitive and strategic advantages as a result of the huge opportunities and added value that these technologies offer.

To establish ourselves as a leading company in the design and development of high performance antennas and custom design systems in the mmW and THz frequency ranges.

Our Clients

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