Innovative Antennas,
Passives & Radar Technologies.

    In Anteral, we are experts in the design, fabrication and verification of high performance feed chains for on-board satellite systems.

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    Anteral provides the best quality products based on antennas and RF components, offering ad-hoc design service to make our products fulfill any requirements you have on mind.

    Antennas & Passives
    Anteral is also focused on universalize the use of radar technology by boosting innovative applications and making their radar solutions accessible for all.

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    Our extensive heritage makes Anteral the perfect partner for different industry sectors: Space, SatCom, 5G & Telecom, Science & Academia, radar...

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    Innovation is part of Anteral DNA. This is why we set aside a relevant part of our resources to research project, which strengthen and enlarge our know-how giving us the opportunity to create new developments.

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    Anteral is formed by engineers and PhDs specialized in telecommunications, computing and electronics, who establish a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team able to face the most demanding challenges from our clients and partners.

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    Here you can find all the publications made by Anteral.

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