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Anteral attends the SSSIF 2024 in Málaga

Anteral attends the Small Satellites & Services International Forum 2024 organized in Málaga from February 20th to 22nd.


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Once again, Anteral comes to Malaga to participate in one of the most important industrial fairs on small satellites at national level. According to the data provided by the organization, last year representatives from more than 13 universities, 20 countries, 111 talks 67 panelists and infinite networkings were held where topics on innovation in the sector and international aerospace missions were discussed, among many other transcendental issues in the sector.

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The talk of our antennas CTO, Fernando Teberio is on Wednesday 21 February from 12:30-13:15 in session 8 – Telecommunication and ground segment solutions for small satellite platforms (PART I) with the title “Communication antennas for LUR-1 mission“.

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Anteral in International day of Women and Girls in Science 2024