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We participated in the Onda Cero programme, La Brújula de la Economía, sponsored by AIN, the Navarre Industry Association.

As new associates of AIN we participated in this space where we had the opportunity to talk about the origin of the company, its projects, clients, needs, milestones and the future that awaits us.



We were born in 2010 as a spin off of the Antennas Group of the Public University of Navarra and, from there, we were able to grow until we had an international projection that has allowed us to be competitive in a market that has an increasingly greater impact on our community.

From this evolution we have managed to define our business with antennas, passive components, turnkey projects and radar technology (uRAD), being present in the aerospace sector, industry, universities, technology centres, Smart Cities and telecommunications in more than 50 countries.



In the area of antennas, we are both on the ground and in space through developments for ground-satellite / satellite-earth communications, in constellations and we participate, for example, in projects where we orbit around the moon. With regard to the radar area, we are also approaching a multitude of sectors such as the agricultural sector counting vines, the health sector with the collection of vital signs data and Smart Cities with traffic monitoring.



With regard to the aerospace sector, we would like to make a note. It is a sector that is booming, as ICEX rightly points out: Spain ranks 5th in Europe in terms of turnover and number of people employed. The Spanish market reached a turnover of €11,594 million in 2021, employing more than 50,000 people directly. It is characterised by high growth and significant investment in R&D, reaching 10% of the sector’s turnover, which has experienced a growth of 42% in the last decade.

Thus, one of our most important clients is the European Aerospace Agency, with whom we have worked on R&D projects and direct requests, but we also have clients such as Indra and Airbus, key agents and smaller companies that are equally important in the sector. We offer competitive bids, we apply for tenders and we have a catalogue of basic standard products for the industry and customised developments.



For all this we have around 20 people, 85% of whom are engineers and 30% of whom have a PhD. The vast majority are UPNA graduates.

One of our objectives is collaboration between companies in the sector, as it is practically impossible to cover the entire value chain. We subcontract manufacturing to great professionals who are experts in this area. Teamwork is essential, both inside and outside the company.



We continue to encourage people to study STEM careers, especially women, who are still under-represented in the sector. It is an education that opens doors to a variety of companies in different areas, generates great motivation and interest and allows you to be part of ambitious projects. We need more profiles like this, as there is a high percentage of students who leave Pamplona and there are other needs that are difficult to meet as we do not have specific degrees in our universities.


We have an exciting future ahead of us!

If you want to listen to it in full, here is the link to the Onda Cero website.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024