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Anteral receives support from the Government of Navarre to apply for the InnovaRSE label

At Anteral we have always wanted to do things well in all aspects of the company. That is why we opted for the aid from the Government of Navarra for the promotion of Social Responsibility 2024 in companies.

In this way, we are going to start managing the seal that will allow us to support all the measures that we have been applying to the management of Anteral and uRAD for years and the new ones that, from this perspective, we are going to implement.

With the support of the AMEDNA Association we are going to start with the first phase: Diagnosis.

What does the InnovaRSE seal consist of? The first thing to explain is that this seal is for SMEs with 5 or more employees. There is also the TAMIRSE seal for micro-enterprises and the self-employed and GOBERNARSE for the public sector and social entities.

The InnovaRSE System aims to implement and develop social responsibility (SR) in the strategy and management of organisations and entities, in the three dimensions of sustainability:

  • Environmental: Companies concerned about the consumption of resources and the environmental impact they generate, seeking to minimise them.
  • Social: Companies that are committed to a business culture based on trust and transparency, and that demonstrate their commitment to their stakeholders, the local community and society in general.
  • Economic: Organisations that seek a balance between maximising the economic benefit of the company and maximising the value of the company.
How far does ANTERAL go?