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Today we celebrate this day by presenting the women of the Anteral team.

In companies dedicated to engineering, where historically male representation has been higher, we want to take the opportunity to present the different profiles of professionals who make up 25% of the total workforce.

At Anteral we have always been committed to supporting the choice of STEM careers for young women who today have to choose a university education. We still have to fight for equal representation of both men and women, but year after year this is increasing.

So today we have 5 profiles that, from different backgrounds, are helping the company to move forward:

Dr. Itziar Maestrojuán: she is our CEO, in charge of managing the company, being a doctor in telecommunications.

Raquel Esteban: Administrative. She is in charge of all the company’s documentation.

Lisdayne Rodríguez: is our Quality Asurance Engineer. She manages the quality processes in all areas of the company (projects, internal management…).

Hiyary Villena: is our RF Engineer. She designs antennas supporting the rest of the team.

Vanessa Urdíroz: she is our Marketing & Communication Manager. She manages all internal and external communication, marketing actions and everything related to dissemination, branding,…

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