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Starting the week with MOSIC, one of the strategic R&D projects of Goverment of Navarre, where Anteral participates with other companies.

In recent years, e-commerce has gone through the roof, so delivery logistics is one of the booming topics nowadays. This project arose with the idea of developing a delivery system applied to the last mile, that can work coordinated to promote sustainable, smart and connected mobility.

The objective is to combine the use of a land vehicle and a drone, both coordinated. The idea is to deploy the aerial vehicle (drone) from the ground vehicle, creating a much more efficient system for delivery. This would minimize the impact in city centers and would make delivery more efficient.

The vehicles used in the proposed final system will include a number of technological developments:
– Zero emissions in both vehicles
– Intelligent route optimization system for delivery planning and parcel collection
– High-capacity electric propulsion system in the land vehicle
– Adjustable intelligent suspension system to increase the stability of the land vehicle
– Detection of other aircraft in flight using radar technology for the drone (Anteral – uRAD task)
– Landing and movement system controlled by optical sensors on the drone
Stay tune to see the progress in future posts!

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