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    In Anteral, we are experts in the design, fabrication and verification of high performance feed chains for on-board satellite systems.

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    Anteral provides the best quality products based on antennas and RF components, offering ad-hoc design service to make our products fulfill any requirements you have on mind.

    Antennas & Passives
    Anteral is also focused on universalize the use of radar technology by boosting innovative applications and making their radar solutions accessible for all.

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    Our extensive heritage makes Anteral the perfect partner for different industry sectors: Space, SatCom, 5G & Telecom, Science & Academia, radar...

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    Innovation is part of Anteral DNA. This is why we set aside a relevant part of our resources to research project, which strengthen and enlarge our know-how giving us the opportunity to create new developments.

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    Anteral is formed by engineers and PhDs specialized in telecommunications, computing and electronics, who establish a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team able to face the most demanding challenges from our clients and partners.

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    Plannar and Conformal Antennas

    • UHF, L, S and C bands
    • Ideal for launchers and sounding-rockets
    • TT&C, navigation and FTS applications

    The launchers and sounding-rockets market is currently undergoing a significant growth due to the NewSpace arrival. For that, easy-to-manufacture and reusable antennas are needed.

    In this framework, we have developed substrate-based single-layer antennas that, due to their lightweight, conformability, low profile, extreme temperature tolerances and large coverage areas, are ideal for space applications, especially for launchers.

    Each model has been designed especially for different applications. All designs are frequency-scalable within their operation bands.

    • S-band antenna: oriented to TT&C, operating both in transmission for telemetry and in reception for telecommand.
    • L-band antenna: designed for navigation systems (GNSS).
    • C-band and UHF-band antennas: ideal for ground safety issues, in particular for Flight Termination Systems (FTS).


    Frequency BandOperation FrequencyPolarizationTRL
    UHF424.5 – 425.5 MHzLinear9
    UHF419.5 – 420.5 MHzLinear8
    UHF449.25-450.5 MHzLinear8* (Flight program.´24)
    LSL [1.57 – 1.58 GHz]
    S1 [2.299 – 2.309 GHz]
    S2 [2.346 – 2.357 GHz]
    L1.57 – 1.58 GHzCircular 8
    C5.643 – 5.757 GHzLinear8
    C5.643 – 5.757 GHzCircular 9

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