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    In Anteral, we are experts in the design, fabrication and verification of high performance feed chains for on-board satellite systems.

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    Anteral provides the best quality products based on antennas and RF components, offering ad-hoc design service to make our products fulfill any requirements you have on mind.

    Antennas & Passives
    Anteral is also focused on universalize the use of radar technology by boosting innovative applications and making their radar solutions accessible for all.

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    Our extensive heritage makes Anteral the perfect partner for different industry sectors: Space, SatCom, 5G & Telecom, Science & Academia, radar...

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    Innovation is part of Anteral DNA. This is why we set aside a relevant part of our resources to research project, which strengthen and enlarge our know-how giving us the opportunity to create new developments.

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    Anteral is formed by engineers and PhDs specialized in telecommunications, computing and electronics, who establish a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team able to face the most demanding challenges from our clients and partners.

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    • X band
    • High-power applications
    • Compact size
    • DRA (Directive Radiating Array)
    • 7 feed chains
    • Perfect for satellites and smallsats

    Antenna arrays play a very important role into the space industry, in order to achieve directive patterns while guaranteeing the capability to steer the pattern or even to reconfigure it.

    Anteral’s X-band DRA is a Directive Radiating Array of seven feed chains. Each single radiating element is composed by a spline horn antenna, a very compact circular waveguide filter that exhibits low losses and a septum polarizer.

    Lightness is one of the most highlighted features of this system, which has been especially optimized to be as compact as possible, due to the importance of size and mass for space applications.

    The table shows the specifications for each radiating element:


    ParameterTypical value
    Frequency band 7.9 – 8.4 GHz
    PolarizationRHCP & LHCP
    Return Loss25 dB
    Directivity17 dBi
    Cross-Polar Level- 35 dB
    Rejection bands7.25 – 7.75 GHz
    20.2 – 21.2 GHz
    Size87 x 87 x 251 mm
    Mass270 g
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