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We highly value our presence in the press and we thank the media for taking into account our content so much as to highlight it and make it known.
We thank both the general and specialized regional and national media and we hope to continue to be as interesting in 2024.
These have been the news that have been published in 2023:

1.Navarra Capital Directory

We can organize this type of content among those in which we have been protagonists and those in which we have been part of the news.
At the beginning of the year we were part of the yearbook of Navarra Capital where our CEO participated both in the event and in the content of the document.


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2. Navarre to Space

One of the most outstanding business events of the year for the Government of Navarra was the organization of Navarre to Space within the Aerospace Perte. This event was covered by both written media and radio stations of the region:


3.ABC Empresas: the universities as a source of innovation

We have also been part of the news about space innovation and, even at a national level, we have been featured. This is the case of ABC Empresas where talking about the importance of universities as the origin of innovation, we as spin off gave our point of view and experience.



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4.Noticias de Navarra: bicycle counting

In uRAD we have also had publications, although with a lower profile. Having Pamplona City Council as a client in the bicycle count, Noticias de Navarra covered bicycle traffic within the environmental measures that were being implemented.



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5. Diario de Noticias: Anteral

Another news, in which Anteral was the protagonist, is the one in which Diario de Noticias talked about our company, its projects and its trajectory.



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