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Today the final demo of VAIVEC project has taken place to Government of Navarre. The main goal of VAIVEC is developing a highly versatile electric and autonomous industrial vehicle 🚘 After three years of hard work, here we have the developed prototype.

The VAIVEC project is aimed to develop technologies that lead to the design of a highly versatile industrial electric vehicle in its applications. This can be applied to industrial vehicles, ranging from an AGV (automated guided vehicle) that can transport loads up to 200 kg, to forklift tractors carrying loads up to 25 tons. This project will allow these vehicles to have high-energy efficiency, reduced carbon footprint, and be interconnected to an industry 4.0 environment.

Zizu is the company coordinating this project, where, in addition to NAITEC, BeePlanet, Anteral, Inycom, Truck & Wheel and Geoactivo also participate.

Our 77 GHz uRAD radar has been used as part of collision avoidance system ⬇

Thanks to all our partners ❤ together we are stronger!



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