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This year, from Anteral, we have attended 7 fairs both as visitors and with a stand to show the products that by line of business fit in that event.

We have made a small tour around Europe being in seven different cities, passing through Italy with two stops in Bologna and Florence, we have gone to Bremen, Germany, to Paris, France, we have stayed at home and we have gone to Barcelona and Malaga, serving both the domestic and international market.

  1. WILAB (Bologna, Italy)
  2. Navarre to Space (Estella, Spain)
  3. SSSIF (Malaga, Spain)
  4. EuCap (Florence, Italy)
  5. VivaTech (Paris, France)
  6. Smart Ciy (Barcelona, Spain)
  7. SpaceTech (Bremen, Germany)


Here our colleagues Unai and Victor, CTO of the radar area of our commercial line uRAD, attended the Kick off Meeting of the TIMES Project.

TIMES is a European R&D project where we are developing intelligent reflective surfaces and antennas at 300 GHz.


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2. Navarre to Space

The result of one of the biggest bets of the Government of Navarra in terms of promoting a sector as innovative as aerospace was this conference. We are very proud to support one of the sectors where our presence is growing and for which we fight. At Anteral, we carry the slogan “From Navarra to space: #Navarra2space” wherever we go, because we believe in the importance of boosting this sector in our community as a driving force for the economy and technological development.

Together with Navarrese companies that strive to be part of this competitive market, we enjoyed an event with the presence of figures of the stature of the astronaut and ex-minister Pedro Duque.


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In this fair organized in Malaga on small satellites, our CTO of Antennas & Passives, Fernando Teberio, made a presentation on “Ku-band communication systems for small satellites” offering knowledge and showing that Anteral is an example of the sector, in addition to having a reference expertise.


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4. EuCap

We went to Florence, Italy, for our PhD student Andoni Marzo to present his work “A Novel Ku-Band Circularly-Polarized Horn Antenna Based on a Ridged Wall” and to present the paper “Circularly Polarized Metasurface Lens Antenna for Millimeter Waves”.


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Our uRAD radar area went to Paris to be in the stand of the New Aquitaine region and participate in one of the central European events of AI, climatech and robotics applied to a multitude of sectors. Here, our colleagues Guillermo and the CTO of the area, Víctor Torres attended.


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6. Smart City Expo

We landed in Barcelona to participate for the first time in this fair with our own stand. It is one of the largest and most international in the sector where we were able to show the specific Smart Traffic products that we have in uRAD, in addition to our standard products.

It was an event where very large companies shared space with smaller but very specialized companies.

Victor Torres, CTO of radars, Yumur and Vanessa were the team that attended the event.


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7. SpaceTech Expo Europe

We arrived, for the second consecutive year, in Bremen, Germany. This is one of the most important trade fairs in Europe in the aerospace and satellite sector, so our expectations, when it came to making contacts and learning about new developments in the market, were sky high and it did not disappoint.

The team that attended was Itziar Maestrojuan, our CEO, together with Fernando Teberio, CTO of the antennas and passive area.

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Anteral Academy 10: Smart City