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    In Anteral, we are experts in the design, fabrication and verification of high performance feed chains for on-board satellite systems.

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    Anteral provides the best quality products based on antennas and RF components, offering ad-hoc design service to make our products fulfill any requirements you have on mind.

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    Anteral is also focused on universalize the use of radar technology by boosting innovative applications and making their radar solutions accessible for all.

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    Innovation is part of Anteral DNA. This is why we set aside a relevant part of our resources to research project, which strengthen and enlarge our know-how giving us the opportunity to create new developments.

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    Anteral is formed by engineers and PhDs specialized in telecommunications, computing and electronics, who establish a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team able to face the most demanding challenges from our clients and partners.

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    Lens Horn Antennas

    • From 8 to 170 GHz
    • 30 dBi nominal mid-band gain
    • Very compact size
    • Low VSWR
    • Linear or circular polarization
    • Custom specifications can be requested

    Anteral’s Lens Horn Antennas (LHA) are conical horn antennas with a plano-convex Teflon (PTFE) lens added in the aperture, in order to apply phase correction and achieve superior performance with minimum size.

    They are designed to cover the frequency range of 8 to 170 GHz in 11 bands with 30 dBi nominal mid-band gain. Anteral optimizes all designs to show not only high gain, but also low VSWR (< 1.3) and low side lobes. Moreover, custom bands and gain values can be requested. Anteral offers LHAs  with linear or circular polarization.

    Lens Horn Antennas are especially useful when high gain is required with the minimum size. Therefore, these antennas are widely used in radar applications, communication links and meteorological systems among others. New cutting-edge space applications include LHA’s for MiniSat, MicroSat, NanoSat and CubeSat communications.

    Anteral also offers their Focusing Lens Horn Antennas with double-convex lenses to exhibit very well define focusing beams with short focal distances which makes them optimal for testing and material characterization.

    Model Frequency (GHz) Input Waveguide Standard Flange
    LHA-30-WR90 8.2 - 12.4 WR-90 UBR 100
    LHA-30-WR62 12.4 - 18 WR-62 UBR 140
    LHA-30-WR42 18 - 26.5 WR-42 UBR 220
    LHA-30-WR28 26.5 - 40 WR-28 UG-599/U
    LHA-30-WR22 33 - 50 WR-22 UG-383/U
    LHA-30-WR19 40 - 60 WR-19 UG-383/U
    LHA-30-WR15 50 - 75 WR-15 UG-385/U
    LHA-30-WR12 60 - 90 WR-12 UG-387/U
    LHA-30-WR10 75 - 110 WR-10 UG-387/U
    LHA-30-WR08 90 - 140 WR-8.0 UG-387/U
    LHA-30-WR06 110 - 170 WR-6.5 UG-387/U

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